Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it finally happened

I was thinking today about the day I got engaged, 10/4/2007. It started like any other day, the alarm went off I got ready for work and Matt said to me, big day today. I just sort of laughed it off, thinking he meant we had to clean the condo because his brother was coming to town the next day. I hate cleaning, so I thought he was poking fun. Anyway I drove to school ready to teach my class of eager second graders.

The day was like any normal day, nothing out of the ordinary, just a Thursday. A student complimented my skirt, nice, a second grader thinks my skirt is pretty. It made me laugh! I was working with another teacher at the time during math, we had a great lesson on odds and evens planned that day. Suddenly Matt walked in which he often showed up unannounced to volunteer in my room, he looked normal but he had a gerbera daisy in hand (my favorite)...sort of unusual, but still I wasn't alarmed in any way that something was going on. I introduced him to the class and put him with a group.

Suddenly, he stood up and said he needed to talk to me and took me to the center of the classroom. Meanwhile all the kids are working (amazing feat in itself!) and the other teacher is just staring. He suddenly got down on one knee and said the words I was so eager to hear. There were a lot of nice things said (none of which I remember because my mind was clouded with, I can't believe this is happening) and then "Will you marry me?"

Oh wait...I forgot to tell you, I interruptted him mid proposal and asked him what he was doing and then asked the other teacher if she knew about this...what was I thinking? Clearly I wasn't!

I of course said yes, he went to put the ring on my finger and I couldn't stop it from shaking so I squeezed all my fingers together with my right hand. How was he supposed to get it on now? NERVES!

He finally put it on, the other teacher covered my class and news spread like wild fire that I got engaged! What a great day!

I drove home in shock that day, staring at the beautiful ring and thanking my lucky stars for such a wonderful man. I had him repeat what he said to me during the actual proposal and the second time around was even sweeter than the first.

Let the planning begin!

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