Thursday, June 24, 2010

money money money

I remember planning my own wedding about two years ago. I immediately hit the ground running planning and the dollars started adding up. My husband and I sat down and he looked at me straight in the eyes and said..."What are we thinking, about 200 people on the Cape, that will cost about $5,000, right?"

Oh man, I wish!

I responded with a smile and simply said, "I don't think so!" And so the money talks began.

We sat down and talked about what we envisioned, what we wanted, and what we thought we could afford. I started thinking, our wedding is about 9 months away, how could we make this "wedding money" work for us? Our solution, an ING high interest account. Mind you this was before the economy crashed but even now the interest rates are higher than a traditional savings account. Our money sat there until we needed it and it accrued enough interest for us to indulge in a few extra details! We didn't want to use all of our wedding cash, we wanted it working for us so we opened a no interest credit card for a year for all those little things that start to add up. You could even get one with miles or vacation points for that honeymoon. Anyway, we used some of the wedding cash we received as gifts to pay off the card before the no interest time frame was up.

Just a few ways to make your money work for you, happy planning!

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